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Suzani: One of Decorative Textile Traditions of Central Asian Turkic groups

6 Mar 2012 - 20:38 WIB

Have You Ever Heard Suzani?
Suzani, or some people say Susani or Suzanni, is a kind of embroidered tribal textile with beautiful decoration. Suzani is part of the decorative textile traditions of a number of Central Asian Turkic groups. It is made in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries.
Etymologically, Suzani comes from the word “suzan”, which means needle. Suzani means needlework.
For most collectors, Suzani from Uzbekistan is familiar. The glorious embroideries of Uzbekistan are made by the hand of Uzbek women. They love this Uzbek craft. Traditionally, Suzani was made for a womans dowry as Vintage Wedding Suzani. But, it is not only for it now.

Suzani or Suzanni

People love it because of its uniqueness and beauty. Suzani textile is hand loomed and has wonderful color. You can enjoy fine detail and intricate patterns at it. You will say It must be mad by skillful hand. Vintage embroidery design and patterns of Suzani attracts people’s eyes. Suzani was a woman’s artistic expression in Central Asia.
Nowadays, designs of Suzani has been syncronized with the use and flavor of modern days. Suzani has rich designs and colors, instead of only conservative ones. There are Suzanis as Christmas cloth, bedcover for a mountain house, bedcover for teenagers bedroom, wall hanging, cloth with fairy Irish pattern, deecoration for young girl’s bedroom, etc. You can hang Suzani at your wall, use it as bed scarf, or to throw over a sofa, or use suzani pillow. Suzani will give your room touch of beauty.
Of course, the price of Suzanis is reasonable if we see their beauty and the works of hand to make them.
Today, you can also find information about suzani fabric through internet. Decorate your room! Use Suzani bedspread to cover your bed and you will sleep like a 1001 nights king.

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